The best commercial products are anchored in truth and provide both functional and emotional benefits to their end user. We believe in applying the same principle to making commercially viable art.

Business Development  & New Content Product Concepting

Our creativity is rooted in our process which enables us to continually tap into fresh ideas inspired by the world around us, and and quickly turn concepts from presentations into working prototypes and demonstrations. 

Content Planning for Social Reach & Recruitment


In studios, basements, bedrooms, on airplanes or in parks we produce content daily.  As artists, we write, compose, produce and perform original storylines delivered through audio and visual formats.

As executive producers we work with artists and clients to develop original content from concept to completion. And while digital tools make the creative process easier, we believe in both the art and science of process in order to make a record, let alone get people to pay attention and listen to it.  


We love to share our resources with artists and clients that include graphic design, illustration, painting and photography in order to help develop logos, album covers, storyboards, concepts, packaging and promotion. 

Album Cover Art

Album Cover Art

Logo Design & Illustration

Logo Design & Illustration


Show us, don't tell us is the motto. Packaging is an important and often recurring step in the journey that an project takes from an idea into a concept, through creation and distribution into the marketplace. At any given point there are key-stakeholders, collaborators and executives who will need to sign-off on various steps, assets and deliverables along the way. We help package ideas for approval and buy-in.

Branded Live Content Series Featuring Various Artists

Whether a film script is seeking talent or financing, an artist is seeking a brand collaboration or is releasing a new record, packaging is needed in order to pitch and sell the right message to the right audience.

Luis Aguilera Project  //  The Universe of Mend 


The digital landscape today is ever-changing and difficult for even the most talented marketers to navigate with a budget, nevermind without. Fortunately we have experience with both and help artists and clients gain distribution, engagement and traction across global retailer, social and media outlets.

Kris Payne - W.O.P distribution deck  //  Pia Renee EPK (electronic press kit)

When combined with paid and organic advertising, a social engagement plan and plenty of new news, we help artists and clients recruit new fans and grow awareness of content across audiences and categories.

 Paid Social Advertising Campaign

For more information or to talk about an upcoming project, please email us at Thank you.