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Official Worldwide Release Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New York, NY (June 23, 2015) - S.C.R.D. (an acronym for Sweet Chuck and Ravin Dave) will officially release their debut studio single, titled “Someday” on Tuesday, June 30, 2015. The record release includes three versions (Dirty, Radio Edit, Instrumental) and will be available through a year-long contract with TuneCore for global distribution across iTunes, Google Play, Beats, Amazon Direct, eMusic and other major retailers.

Fans can catch a sneak-peak preview of the upcoming release Someday, when S.C.R.D. guest hosts #MassivelyEpic Radio on this Tuesday (6/23) and next (6/30) from 9-10p EST. On the show’s page at 9:00 PM after the debut airs, there will be a numeric passcode that can be used to access pre-release streams on

Someday” is not just a story about heartbreak and rebound, musically it’s a journey of collaboration between a bunch of characters seeking to make cool shit and have fun.

Sweet Chuck and Ravin Dave met locally in Gramercy, Manhattan two years ago. After months of epic adventures and thousands of hours in the studio, the duo managed to convince a team of extremely talented musicians, producers and engineers to join in on their collaborative tale.

One notable featured artist on the record is Marissa Licata, an internationally renowned violinist who has performed with Alicia Keys, Ben Harper, Ringo Starr, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, Gloria Estefan, Pras of the Fugees, Jermaine Paul, Elle Varner, Gaby Wilson, and many more. On Someday, Ms. Licata’s violin plays the role of the narrator helping to bring listeners through the various emotions as the story is being told.

Another very notable featured artist on the record is top American Jazz musician, James Genus. Mr. Genus’ bassline is a perfectly rolling, sexy foundation that nails down the groove in the record. Rightfully so.. James has built his bassist career over the past 25 years and has performed with many greats including Branford Marsalis, Chick Corea, Dave Douglas, Uri Caine, Global Theory, Ravi Coltrane, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, and Daft Punk.

S.C.R.D. notes that, “our passion is live music, and so from the start we wanted to be sure that we recorded as much live instrumentation as possible. Besides overall tonal quality, we believe that live performances will also be higher quality if the song was written with “real” instruments from the start. The quality of our stories rely on real instruments played by talented musicians that actually bring certain characters to life via a recorded performance. It’s deeper than just playing the notes. This is the difference.


The whole project is an experiment that started out of random, serendipitous happenstance meeting design. But then organically flourished into something with potential commercial viability over the past six months. We recognize that this could last 3 mins or 30 years. What matters is that we are going for something that stems from fun, friends and passion. Now we’re testing it to see if it can become a sustainable independent artistic career path - remarks S.C.R.D.

To date, S.C.R.D. have already performed on the legendary Webster Hall main stage just over a week ago accompanied by Marissa Licata and 187 Sound demonstrating solid potential to a suspect crowd. With confidence and personality they delivered a live performance of “Someday” (which was still in the final stages of recording that week). “It was like dressing up your two-year old and entering her into a pageant. Thankfully it went well, but now we are focused on this release and then the video planned for mid-summer,” notes S.C.R.D.

For a sneak-peak preview of the upcoming release Someday, S.C.R.D. is guest hosting #MassivelyEpic Radio on this Tuesday (6/23) and next (6/30) from 9-10p EST.

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