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I'm in Love!

NEW YORK, NY - Friday, May 18, 2018 - Gramercy production duo S.C.R.D. released their sixth studio single titled, “I’m in Love,” off of their forthcoming album expected to release in the fall. The duo once again delivered a fun, upbeat record for indie label Trip Digital. Released by Flourish $ Prosper Music Group and distributed by Records, “I’m in Love” is available globally on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon, Shazam, and YouTube.

For this record, S.C.R.D. once again collaborated with Super Producer DJ Journey for the concept and composition. The recording of the record took place between 2016-2018 at Mindlab Studio in Los Angeles, CA and Shelter Island Sound Studios in New York, NY. This record captures the moments in life when we decide to pursue business and passion instead of a potential love interest. In other words, when we put a relationship on pause.

S.C.R.D. Artist production duo, Sweet Chuck Ravin Dave write, produce and perform music, videos and content under indie label Trip Digital, Inc. S.C.R.D. is named after Sweet Chuck and Ravin Dave, two characters based on principal members of the group, who met in Gramercy, New York City during the fall of 2013. By 2014 S.C.R.D. began writing and recording at the 19th street studio, along with Super Producer DJ Journey. S.C.R.D. infuses old skool beats, live instrumentation and witty, humorous and satirical lyrics that take fans on a journey through heartbreaks with an ebullience for life and the thirst for adventure. Their collaboration between each other, thrives off co-collaborating with local musicians, friends and fans they lure into their musical tsunami, which helps drive their artistic creativity to new heights. 

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